Who are we?

NEYON is the primary Youth Network in the North East Region of Perth mobilising collective agency expertise and response to drive a positive change on youth issues and initiatives.


To inform and drive industry good practice and partnerships in enhancing outcomes for young people in the North East Metro area. We do this through information sharing, lobbying, collaboration and supporting training and development opportunities whilst fostering an environment of respect, active participation, innovation and creativity.

Coordination Group

The North East Youth Organisations Network is supported by a voluntary governing body of 5-6 self-nominated agencies known as the NEYON Coordination Group.  Nominations for this group are open to organisations who offer a support role to young people in the North East Region.  Nominations for the Coordination Group open annually, to fulfil the function for a 12 month period   

Role of the Coordination Group:

  1. To establish and support an effective youth focused Network for the North East Metropolitan region
  2. To strengthen the collaboration and partnership capacity of the Network to respond to issues relevant to young people and youth services in the NE Metropolitan region.
  3. To raise awareness of issues relevant to young people and youth services in the North East Region.


Current Coordination Group

Elise Jorgensen - City of Swan
Dawn McAleenan - RISE Network
Michelle Kenny- RISE Network
Sophie Harrington - Seen and Heard Programme, Parkerville Children and Youth Care
Sharon Gough - Indigo Junction
Maria Miceli - The Smith Family


Contact: admin@neyon.com.au