Online survey for youth mental health service access by Monique Platell (The University of Western Australia)

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My name is Monique and I am a PhD student at UWA and currently I am undertaking research looking at the barriers for young people accessing mental health services in Perth.

As part of my research I have developed an online survey and we would like to hear from young people aged between 14 and 18 years old living in Perth about the factors that may be discouraging them from accessing mental health services. The survey also asks for participants to give their opinion on what problems they feel mental health professionals are most useful for.

This survey strives to give young people a voice on issues that may be preventing them getting help when they need it most.

The link to the survey is below. Spread the word to anyone you think may be interested in taking part.


“Approval to conduct this research has been provided by the University of Western Australia in accordance with its ethics review and approval procedures. Any person considering participation in this research project, or agreeing to participate, may raise any questions or issues with the researchers at any time.

In addition, any person not satisfied with the response of researchers may raise ethics issues or concerns, and may make any complaints about this research project by contacting the Human Research Ethics Office at the University of Western Australia on (08) 6488 3703 or by emailing to

All research participants are entitled to retain a copy of any Participant Information or Participant Consent Form relating to this research project.”