"GET LIVE" - Live Music Performances from SCYS Youth 18 Dece... by Rae (Swan City Youth Service)

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If your under the age of 18, getting a "Gig" to perform music can be hard.The young people at Swan City Youth Service have found this to be true.

Engaging in a Successful music program which saw the Young people produce their own Cd last year "SCYS MIXTAPE", they wanted a Chance to perform their Music. So they came up with there own event, helped by staff at SCYS called "GET LIVE".

They are in the Midst of Producing their second CD, and want to put on a event that they can showcase there hard work and talents.

They day will be huge and will also have

-Skate Comp
-2 on 2 Basketball
-Human Gyroscope (spaceball)
-Giant Inflatable obstacle
-Slushy Machine
-Prizes to be won

Topped of with Live performance from the young people later in the evening.

The event will be held at Swan City Youth Service on 78 Morrison rd, For ages 12-25 Years.

The event will go from 4pm - 8pm and is a Drug Free event.

Please tell young people about it as it be good to get a good crowd for the young people to perform in front off.

If you want Posters i will be more than happy to send it, just send me your address.

Hope to see you there =D


Youth Worker