Feel for the Steal - a video about the impact of young men s... by Ian Westmore (WA Police)

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The video 'Feel for the Steal' is confronting but a must see. It is available through the WA Police You Tube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/wapolice1829/videos

We are cautious of the feelings of all the people that have been victims of crime, that have lost loved ones, had their home their castle violated and their lives changed forever.

Feel for the Steal is a video (produced in collaboration between WA Police, Outcare Inc. and the Film & Television Institute) about young men who have been through the justice system for offences including stealing cars. Using interviews with the young men and footage from visits to WA Police Major Crash Unit and Royal Perth Hospital Major Trauma Unit, the story delves into why the young men do it, what they get out of it and the outcomes, some of which are horrible and fatal.

The story concludes with a powerful presentation to the boys by a grieving grandmother whose son and grandson were killed in separate car crashes involving alcohol and stolen cars.

This video is a sobering reminder on why young men should not be getting behind the wheel of a stolen motor vehicle.