Young Australia League Scholarship Program for Young People by Belinda Baker-Millett (City of Swan)

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City of Swan staff had the opportunity to met with Tammy-Rae Schaper from YAL. Among their initiatives is a unique scholarship program for young people aged 12 years and up.

They have three scholarships available:
Lower secondary - Year 7 – 9 - $2000 per year
Upper secondary - Year 10 – 12 - $3000
Post secondary - $12 500

Only conditions –
• Must be enrolled in recognised study
• Permanent resident

What the grant is spent on is up to the young person – has been used for transport, rent and food, fees, equipment, basic living expenses. It is also unique in that if the grant is reoccurring for the following years of that category – so if you received the grant for your first year of uni – it would continue for three years. If you applied in Year 9 – you would only get it for that year but can re apply for the upper secondary grant too.

The website is going through a revamp so the application process isn’t entirely clear but the young person needs to apply themselves.

If you would like to investigate further, Tammy Rae Schaper contact details are as follows:
Young Australia League
08 9325 5911