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Info: Status is a PaTH panellist and will be delivering Training Block 1 with a number of the components from Training Block 2 included.  The program will be conducted across 3 week with participants attending a total of 75 hours, this program does meet a client’s AAR requirements. 
The next delivery is currently scheduled to commence on Monday 15th May, based at our Midland Site – Activity ID: 82064932.
Here is an outline of our program:
Our EST program will be delivered in a real life employment context.  This will start with participant’s commitment to our Work Culture Compact, introducing young people to the notion of committing to an employer agreement, supporting their accountability to the commitment they make to attending and progressing.  We will conduct a comprehensive strengths based assessment with each participant, against the performance features of the 10 Core Skills for Work.  This entry assessment will ascertain an entry level and set an individual goal for progression for each participant.  The program will be delivered in three sections: 
·         Navigating the world of work; section one  – workplace forms, rights and responsibilities, personal presentation, networking, communication and teamwork
·         Interacting with others; section two - issues affecting successful employment engagement, including; substance abuse, attitudes in the workplace, diversity and social inclusion and managing conflict
·         Get the work done; section three – will focus on police clearances, survival jobs, contributing to society, managing work life balance and mental health issues.
Recognising that young people today are digitally literate, our program will embed the use of technology and include a mix of training methodologies and experiential learning.  The Skills to Succeed Academy will be incorporated into the weekly delivery, this interactive digital learning program will develop young people’s skills in making career decisions, how to find that job and then keep that job.  Our EST program will focus on the risks associated with online environments, how to keep personal information safe and separate from work life and how to use pre-existing digital skills for work-related purposes.  We will encourage web based learning as well as daily interactions such as role play, practical demonstrations and industry awareness experiences.  Training will be aligned to accredited units from the Foundation Skills Training Package and where necessary other vocational education training packages.  Participants will have the ability to exit the program with a Statement of Attainment if they have demonstrated competence across a number of Foundation Skills units.
Our program is mapped to all focus areas and skills of the 10 Core Skills for Work, participants will be assessed against the framework and performance features to determine which level the participant is performing at on entry.   The initial assessment will be recorded against each participant by the end of the first week.  The entry assessment will be formed from:
·         Additional information from the referring agency based on their knowledge of their young job seeker and their needs
·         Participants self-assessment on where they are performing against the 10 Core Skills for Work
·         Trainer observations of each participant in their first days after commencement
Throughout the program competence in each core skill area will be recorded through formative assessment, primarily via trainer observations and record of participant’s contribution and demonstration of expected work place behaviours.  Delivering our training within real life employment environment will allow trainers to observe participants and make informed assessments on participant progression. 
A formal report will be prepared at the conclusion of the program and provided to both the participant and provider.
Learning Outcomes
Participants will leave our EST program having gained knowledge of:
·         Common workplace forms, agreements and policy documents
·         Employers expectation of workplace behaviour 
·         Industry standards for personal presentation
·         The importance of effective teamwork
·         Acceptable workplace communications appropriate to the situation and audience
·         Their own behaviours and possible barriers to education and employment
·         The rights and responsibilities of employers and employees
·         Conflict management strategies suitable to the workplace
·         Transferrable skills
·         Working in a digital world, social media and networking.
Participants will understand:
·           Their own performance as it pertains to employer expectations; punctuality, communication, presentation, workplace conduct and areas for review and improvement.
·           Their strengths and opportunities
·           Personal presentation expectations for selected career/employment pathways
·           Their role in diversity in the workplace
·           The importance of effective communication and the possible impacts of ineffective communication
·           Conflict management relating to personal situations, identifying successful and unsuccessful approaches
·           The need to develop plans to address concerns and barriers
·           Their transferrable skills from life experience and previous employment experience
·           The impacts of social media accounts on future employment opportunities.
Participants will be able to:
·         Complete general workplace forms required for employment commencement
·         Recognise what to do to be successful at work
·         Demonstrate values and behaviours appropriate to a workplace and in accordance with our Employment Culture Compact, or alternate workplace agreement
·         Demonstrate personal presentation appropriate to chosen field of employment
·         Work effectively in a team environment
·         Communicate effectively using a method appropriate to the situation and audience
·         Use transferrable skills in employment or job search
·         Put networking and marketing tips into practice in their job search.
If there is anything further that you need or that we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0424 226 766.
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Closing Date: 30/12/2017
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